Advanced Business Services : Budget Pricing


Larger organizations and those with more sophisticated requirements should contact Wyenet to discuss custom solutions. We will discuss enhanced services to meet your higher standard requirements including:

  • Security measures including SSL certificates to encrypt entry of secure information and logins.

  • Industry leading rack mounted Barracuda anti-spam protection.

  • Dedicated resources to keep your site speedy even during large advertising campaigns.

  • The redundancy of cloud based shared and dedicated solutions.

  • PCI, HIPPA and other compliance standards.

  • Off-server backups for your online website and offline office content.

  • Search Engine Optimization and online marketing.

  • Social media strategy.

  • Professional mailing list management solutions.

Questions? Call Wyenet at 1-877-499-3638 or send us a message.


Wyenet provides that extra level of attentive service you require at prices you can afford. Join us today and see the difference.